Things to Do in Miami

Miami, Florida ranks among America’s most vibrant and unique cities. It’d be a treasure based on its climate and geography alone: a tropical, Caribbean-flavored urban center on the shores of Biscayne Bay and just a stone’s throw from the globally precious Everglades. And then there’s the history, the famous art scene, the international cuisine, the fashion—well, suffice it to say Miami has a great deal to offer the visitor, and we’ll humbly count our Spanish tapas and paella restaurant along charming Espanola Way!

Here’s an overview of a few—a few, mind you!—of Miami’s standout attractions, each and every one of them magnificently combinable with a lively feast with us here at Tapas y Tintos!

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The European-inspired architecture, extensive art collection, and lavish landscaping of James Deering’s historic winter estate—now a museum and garden run by the county and open to the public—make Vizcaya one of Miami’s most swoon-worthy spaces.

The Deering Estate

Another famous landmark of the family behind Deering Harvester Company (which became the International Harvester Company), the Deering Estate marks the 1920s-era home of industrialist, philanthropist, and art collector Charles Deering. You can tour the old Stone House and Richmond Cottage, catch a concert or lecture, join a guided nature walk or canoe tour, and more. The estate includes some precious preserved tropical hardwood hammock and pine rockland, two imperiled South Florida ecosystems.

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Young and old alike will thrill at the wonders of biology, physics, astronomy, and other disciplines on engaging and interactive display at the Frost Museum of Science, established back in 1950 as the Junior Museum of Miami and now occupying a state-of-the-art, 250,000-square-foot four-building complex in Museum Park. Leave Earth behind in the Frost Planetarium, gape at hammerhead sharks and devil rays in the Aquarium (which includes tanks evoking the local ecosystems of the Everglades, Mangrove Forest, and Gulf Stream), and put on your engineering cap in the Design Lab—to name only a few highlights of this much-loved institution.

Espanola Way

The pedestrian-only street we lie upon here at Tapas y Tintos, Espanola Way, is its very own Miami attraction, steeped in South Beach history and host to lovely (and brightly colored) architecture. Developers imagined Espanola Way back in the 1920s as a bohemian enclave in the spirit of a “historic Spanish village,” and it became quite the hub of upper-class socializing—not to mention a retreat of such notorious mobsters as Al Capone. Today it’s one of South Beach’s most popular destinations, lined with restaurants and cafes and showing off the kitschy loveliness that’s made it such a sought-after setting for TV shows and movies.

We hope you’ve been inspired by this sampler pack of Miami destinations: There’s an awful lot else to see and do, from beachgoing to touring public art, and we hope your sunshiny rounds will include some quality time spent at our table here at Tapas y Tintos!