National Spanish Paella Day, Tapas y Tintos, Miami, FL

National Spanish Paella Day in Miami, FL

Looking for a true Spanish experience in the heart of Miami Beach? Come to Tapas y Tintos! We’ve been located in South Beach on the historic street of Española Way since 1981, and we’d love to have you!

And don’t forget about scheduling your visit for National Paella Day! We’ll have a special going on all day on March 27th!

What Is Paella?

Paella is one of several national dishes in Spain. Many countries and regions throughout the world have paella or dishes like it, but in Spain, it’s definitely the best, and we aim to offer the same Spanish dining experience with our paella at Tapas y Tintos.

Paella is a dish that comes from the region of Valencia, and in Spain, it is considered a Valencian dish. Go to Valencia, and you’ll see it served everywhere — especially at the beach!

There are numerous different types of paella, including vegetable paella, seafood paella, meat-based, seafood and meat-mixed paella, and others. The main ingredient of the dish is short grain rice. There are usually also green beans, white beans, and saffron and rosemary in the mix. Sometimes, artichokes are added. Seafood and meat (like duck, rabbit, or chicken) are almost always present, although purely vegetable-based paella can be served as well, as stated.

Come for Paella Day! Authentic Spanish Cuisine in the Heart of Miami’s South Beach

This March 27th, Tapas y Tintos will be offering 3 special paellas discounts on them all! Come to enjoy a cerveza, sangria, or tinto (red wine) and tapas, then dive into a large skillet of paella. Our lively, Spanish-inspired atmosphere is the perfect place to come with friends, your family, or your significant other.

Enjoy a Gin and Tonic in Our Authentic Signature Bar

Of course, if vino tinto, beer or sangria aren’t up your alley, come to Tapas y Tintos and try one of our delicious gin and tonics! Our signature bar, La Casa De La Ginebra Española features 18 types of floral, aromatic, and citrus gins as well as four varieties of tonic. You’ll have the perfect gin and tonic to enjoy the afternoon or evening with friends and family. And of course, any drink from Tapas y Tintos goes great with paella!

Whenever you’re ready to start planning your trip to South Beach, come on down! No reservations are required; however, you can do so if you have a large party or are looking for a Flamenco Show & Dinner. To make reservations at Tapas y Tintos, go here!