Best Restaurant to Watch Soccer in Miami Beach

Looking for a place in Miami Beach where you can watch the game with friends or family? There’s nothing quite like kicking back with some beers or cocktails to watch your favorite players take the field — cheering over goals with everyone, lamenting together over bad calls — these aren’t solo events, you’ve simply got to watch with friends!

And where are there more friends than at Tapas Y Tintos? We are the hangout for watching sports (especially futbol!) in Miami Beach. You’ve been searching for a place to watch the game, and now you’ve found it!

About Tapas Y Tintos

Since 1981, Tapas Y Tintos has been serving authentic Spanish cuisine and drinks to the residents and visitors of Miami Beach. For anyone who knows anything about Spain, Tapas is the food of the streets when night falls. Head out with friends for a few tapas here, a few there, and make a night of it.

Fortunately, we have all you need right here at Tapas Y Tintos with a long list of cocktails and drinks available, plus numerous authentic Spanish tapas and dishes you won’t want to miss.

Book Your Group Watching Event Today!

Tapas Y Tintos is the ideal place to set up a group event for watching a futbol match. We have tons of huge TVs in our dining area, so take your pick and watch at your leisure! We usually have a drink special going on at the same time too.

Our reservation book fills up fast, so if you’re looking to book a reservation for a group watching even, make sure you do it as soon as possible! Fortunately, the process is super easy. Simply head here to check out the upcoming match schedule and find the games you want to watch. Then go here to schedule the dates for your event (click on “Find a Table” to book a reservation, or for bigger group events, go to “Book an Event”).

Naturally, we have a few big LA LIGA matches coming up that we especially wanted to highlight:

September 22nd, 2:45pm — Real Madrid Vs. Espanyol

  • This event features a Beer Bucket Special (4 beers for $20)

September 29th, 2:45pm — Real Madrid Vs. Atletico De Madrid

  • This event features a Beer Bucket Special (4 beers for $20)

Of course, we’re partial to futbol, but we’re open to most anything (within reason!), so if you have another sport or event you want to watch, be sure to contact us — we take requests!

We hope to see you soon for an upcoming match at Tapas Y Tintos in Miami Beach!