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Authentic Flamenco Nights in South Beach, Miami

All week long here at Tapas y Tintos along Espanola Way, you’re guaranteed exceptional and authentic Spanish fare. That’s special enough, but Thursdays through Sundays we up the ante with Miami Beach’s finest live flamenco show: a dinner-and-entertainment combo you really don’t want to miss.

Flamenco is one of the quintessential cultural symbols of Spain, and we’ll go so far to say that it comfortably ranks among the very pinnacles of artistic expression: a singular blend of movement and sound that conveys the passion in every human heart and soul. We challenge you to find somebody who’s unmoved by a flamenco performance: the swirling dance, the tantalizing percussive guitar, the haunting melodies of the cantaor (flamenco singer).

Flamenco Fundamentals

The origin of the term flamenco, which first appeared in the late 18th century, is not entirely clear, though many believe it derives from the Spanish word for flame, flamo, in reference to the artform’s fiery character. The homeland of flamenco is Andalusia in southern Spain (with connections as well to Extremadura and Murcia), and the tradition claims a multicultural, multiethnic origin, owing much to the region’s Romani, Arabic, and Sephardic Jewish roots.

Flamenco has multiple elements, foremost among them the singing (or cante), the guitar-playing (or toque), and the dancing (or baile). The iconic image of flamenco in most people’s minds is probably the extraordinary foot-stamping, arm-waving dance—and the frilly dress, often bold red, worn by female dancers—but the singer and guitarist play just as fundamental roles, and of course these days flamenco guitar exists as its own standalone musical genre.

Flamenco as National Institution

Long a fixture of family gatherings and parties, flamenco became more high-profile beginning in the mid-1800s with the emergence of the café cantante: an establishment dedicated to public flamenco performances that blossomed out of the so-called “Golden Age of Flamenco.”

Flamenco’s long history, and its eventual evolution as a major tourist attraction, has seen the development of numerous styles, from the more historically minded Pure and Classical Flamenco to Modern and New Flamenco. The artform is now included by UNESCO among its Intangible Heritage of Humanity list.

Enjoy Live Flamenco With Your Spanish Dinner at Tapas y Tintos

Here at Tapas y Tintos, we’re proud to nurture this Andalusian tradition along the Spanish-flavored thoroughfare of Espanola Way. Our flamenco shows take place at 9 PM Thursday through Saturday and 8:30 PM on Sunday, so why not take in a delicious Spanish feast for a dinner and combine it with a flashy and loving rendition of one of the world’s iconic music-and-dance creations? Experience a genuine flamenco night in Miami Beach at Tapas y Tintos!