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Tapas y Tintos in South Beach offers a seasonal sangria for the holidays

The holidays are celebrated in different ways all over the world, and there’s no better way to get to know a culture than to raid their liquor cabinet. Tonight, Deco’s going to Spain for a little sangria! No need to fly across the Atlantic to get an authentic Spanish experience. At Tapas y Tintos on […]

Private Events & Dining After Miami Auto Show

The Miami Auto Show is nearly here, and at Tapas Y Tintos, we’re ready to serve you for some post-show grub and drinks! Learn more about the auto show and why it’s special in this post and see how to book your reservation at Tapas Y Tintos. About the 48th Annual International Miami Auto Show […]

Best Restaurant to Watch Soccer in Miami Beach

Looking for a place in Miami Beach where you can watch the game with friends or family? There’s nothing quite like kicking back with some beers or cocktails to watch your favorite players take the field — cheering over goals with everyone, lamenting together over bad calls — these aren’t solo events, you’ve simply got […]

Best Craft Cocktails in Miami Beach, FL

Such is the sultry energy and festive feel of Miami Beach that every day deserves a cocktail toast. And we’d suggest you won’t find a better place to enjoy such a toast than Tapas y Tintos here on Espanola Way, one of the most happening, historic, and all-out colorful thoroughfares in South Beach! We don’t only specialize […]

Labor Day Events in Miami South Beach

Heading to Miami Beach for Labor Day weekend? Good choice! What better place to give summer a big good-bye kiss than a city where summer really never goes away? Here are a few ideas for what to do in and around South Beach—including, naturally, a visit to our Espanola Way Spanish restaurant! Labor Day Weekend […]

Best Restaurants near Miami Spa Month

There’s no better time to kick back, relax, and indulge in some mind-, body-, and soul-refreshing wellness in Miami than right now. Why? Well, because it’s Miami Spa Month, that’s why! Take advantage of the exclusive, high-value services from participating spas this summer, and expand your me-time pampering to include a world-class Spanish meal here at […]

History of Sangria in Miami Beach

These days, sangria is one of the beloved go-to drinks of the American summer, and the ingredients used run the gamut. But what are the roots of this fruit- (and what-have-you-) enhanced wine concoction, among the most popular libations on our Tapas y Tintos menu here in South Beach?

Restaurant near Swim Show in Miami, FL

The biggest swimwear trade show on the planet is coming to Miami Beach for the 36th year in a row, and if you’re going to be a part of the scintillating proceedings, we invite you to dine with us just minutes away here at Tapas y Tintos!

Things to Do in Miami

Miami, Florida ranks among America’s most vibrant and unique cities. It’d be a treasure based on its climate and geography alone: a tropical, Caribbean-flavored urban center on the shores of Biscayne Bay and just a stone’s throw from the globally precious Everglades. And then there’s the history, the famous art scene, the international cuisine, the […]